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Thai Borai Agarwood Co.,Ltd..$


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  • Contact:Mr. DumBorai
  • Phone:66-84-3551409

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1.Our company have more than 150 hectares organic agarwood plantation2.We have over 28 years experience in agarwood oil distillation3.We are the bigest Agarwood oil distillation Manufacturers in Thailand4.We can supply with CITES Certificates5.We are the biggest of agarwood oil distillation plant and experts in 100% pure agarwood oil distillation process6.We are the biggest manufacturer of agarwood oil (oud oil, oudh oil, gaharu oil )7.100% pure agarwood oil,gaharu oil,oud oil,oudh oil8.OUR Advantages   8.1.our own agarwood organic plantation   8.2.our own agarwood oil distillation plant   8.3.our own agarwood productsSo We can make very superior quality product [Details]

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